Tuning In To Joy!


I’ve been doing some soul searching and I have worked hard for this smile ✨ Let me explain...

I've taken some time to reconnect with myself because I found myself just being off. Every little thing would make me feeling some type of way. I was coming up with more and more excuses why I couldn't create, why I didn't have time to do things I once did and quickly the days were passing me by without being my normal productive self. The headspace I was in was getting foggier by the day and I was all over the place with decisions and responsibilities and I just felt lost. I found myself not feeling like myself and not even knowing what or who “myself” even was anymore. I had to sit back and take a moment to realize that after dealing with so many life altering changes all at once, I needed to take a deep breath and try to wrap my mind around everything I've been dealing with and what I've been avoiding. I found myself often being defensive, insecure, easily offended and negative because I was holding so many things in. The super positive, loving, happy, creative person a lot of people close to me have grown to love, was missing in action and I had to do something.

I decided to take a step back and nurture the me I am and the me I want to be.

During this time of reflection, I’ve learned a lot about myself and began to accept and understand the work I'm going to have to do. I’ve internalized a lot and it has worn me down in ways that have had me feeling like I’m crazy!

BUT I choose Joy because I deserve to be happy. No matter how hard it is to get there, I’ve decided to do the work and I’m determined now more than ever. To not just do the work, but to encourage others to do the same.

We’ve all heard it but it’s SO true, taking time to concentrate on my mental health and wellness is SO important. Not just for me and my family but for the entire universe. We are all here for a reason, we all have purpose and if we are able to tap into our true selves and make beautiful contributions to the world with our gifts, how much greater will the world be?!?

The more I start digging deeper and trying to figure out how I tick and what I need to operate more intentionally and purposefully, the more I’m finding things that are deeply rooted that I need to uproot and release. I've had to unlearn and learn a lot. Some things require some heavy lifting and hard work but my soul, true loved ones and those I am called to reach deserve it. I’ve developed more strength, more wisdom and am better for it.

I'm not saying I'll never have low moments moving forward or that life will be happy and wonderful from this moment on, but my hope is that as I post this, I give myself accountability to TRY. My goal is to try to operate in a spirit of love, power and a sound mind daily, while encouraging others to love and nurture the you within that may be crying out for help. Listen to your heart and soul. We all deserve love, especially from within. You need you and We need need you too.

Sending love and light to you all 🙏🏾



A lot has taken place this week! 

The official announcement that I signed a record deal with RMG Amplify was published and the love & support has been amazing!

Not only did I announce that I partnered with this label, but I also just released a new single entitled Ready

This song has been the soundtrack of my heart for a while. Many of you have watched me hustle and work my hardest to pursue my purpose. You’ve seen me do my best to keep my head up and be positive through it all. I have a lot of compassion for those who struggle to keep a grip on hope, when your faith is constantly being tested and it seems like you can’t catch a break...

My hope is that people can listen to this song and gather strength to press through to take things one day at a time and continue to press through to seek peace, happiness & strength....

Ready is available on all digital outlets now! Click here to stream and download

And check out some behind the scenes footage of me recoding Ready in the studio!



I've Grown. I'm Grown.


"It’s been a long road | Been at it 7/24 | People think they know but they don’t even have a clue…”Lyrics from my new song..

It has been a long road and the older I get, the more thankful and appreciative I am for this journey. The roads might not always be enjoyable but they have helped me grow. I had to grow up A LOT over the past 5 years, especially this last year and it all led me to this place I’m at right now…

It’s been so long since I’ve dropped new music but I’m thankful that the wait is finally over. When life comes at you fast, the time goes by even faster. But I’m stronger, I’m wiser and I’m ready to share like I’ve never shared before. 

I hope you all are Ready, because I am! 

Stay tuned… 

What 2017 Taught Me

This year has been full of ups and downs for me. As I take a moment to reflect on everything that has taken place in 2017, I'm really proud of the strength I was able to gather and thankful for the lessons I've learned through it all...

I went to great lengths to seek peace and pursue purpose this year. When I lost my mom in 2016, there were so many goals I made for myself for 2017 and although I have plenty more things to work on, I learned so much in these 365 days. 

2017 was a year that taught me how to listen to my heart, and I faced the fact that my heart was broken and needed a chance to heal. When my mother passed away, I was 8 months pregnant and was unable to mourn in a healthy manner, I didn't allow myself time to grieve. This fall, after the year mark of my mother's passing, I decided I needed to take some time to seek peace with all that had taken place and that pursuit led me home. During this season of my life, I've been able to find incredible inspiration. Being around my family and the city I love the most, has energized my soul and has allowed me to learn more about who I truly am and see pieces of my purpose much more clearer. Although the scar from losing my mother will never fade away, my heart is becoming whole again and everything seems to be falling into place for my purpose as a human being, as a wife, as a mother, as an artist and everything in between.   

2017, your lessons weren't always easy but they made me better. And for that, I am thankful. 

2018, I'm Ready. 


Taking the Stairs...


We've all heard it before...  "There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs."   And that has seriously been the story of my life. But the more I think about it, the higher I get, the view I'm beginning to see, I'm thankful my path has lead me up these steep stairs.

My set of stairs haven't always been built strong, sometimes they don't always seem sturdy or safe, but I continue to climb. The higher I go, the stronger I get. When a person takes stairs on a consistent basis, It's amazing how the body reacts. The body begins to "get in shape" and get stronger. The more consistent we are, the easier it is to breathe. By the time we get elevated to higher levels we are able to breath easier. Much easier than when we first began.

While living in California, I've climed some amazing stairs, like Runyon Canyon and the stairs to Amir's Garden. I've also complained and questioned why I put myself through the torture of climbing the side of a mountain, yet even though I end up sore, thirsty and out of breath, I never ever regret how I physically feel because of what I see once I get to the top. The sense of accomplishment, the sense of pride when I look and see how far I climbed, the joy of accomplishment, the beauty that I'm able to see because I put in the work, that nobody could have done for me... all of that makes it worth it.

The stairs may be tough at times, they may be unforgiving... the stairs may seem like a bad idea, and the elevator may seem pretty easy... but the strength we gain, the time we take and the sacrifices we make, allows those stairs to lead to something much greater than an elevator could ever bring.

Each person's path leads to something different. The journey of life has various types of stairs within them and at times we may be graced with a few elevators but as I navigate on my journey, I want to take my time with each step because I don't want to slip and fall. I've come too far to go back now and I'm beginning to like the view of where I'm at so far and how peaceful things look where I'm going.

I hope all of us are able to gather up the strength to keep stepping up, following our hearts and continue to climb to greater heights...




Every single day, for the last 21 months, I have been sharing my body with my son...

I carried him for 9+ months (he was cozy past his due date) and have been breastfeeding him since the day he was born. 

I've given every ounce of myself to motherhood since my son arrived and recently it showed up on the scale . . . 

Being a first time mom has been the greatest & most rewarding sacrifice I've ever done in my entire life. But I am definitely guilty of putting myself in last place here lately . . . 

For those who have been following me for a while, you know I love living a healthy lifestyle and I've documented my workouts a lot in the past. I was in the gym faithfully before & during my pregnancy. I was literally in the gym on a Monday and was in the hospital to have my baby two days later. That's how committed I've always been.


After I suffered a devastating knee injury, the gym had to become a part of my lifestyle in order for my legs to stay strong to avoid any further injuries. The gym also became a safe haven for me to release stress during some of the hardest times of my life . . . 

Lately, the gym has not been so easy to get to and home work outs have been hard to accomplish. A lot of change has happened in our lives and I've began to get the "you lost a lot of weight, are you doing okay?" comments from my family. Although my breastfeeding appetite is crazy and I'm eating constantly, not being able to lift weights and workout like I used to, has caught up with me physically. I have a small frame, always have and apparently always will (sigh). It was always my hopes to hold on to as much of my baby weight as I could, but I'm far from my fitness goals, yet again. Yesterday, my husband did everything he possibly could to make sure I didn't have any mommy excuses to not make it to the gym and it felt SOOOO good to get in the gym and lift some weights again. I made it back in there today and I'm ready to get my gains back . . . 

Not only physically, but gain more control of balancing my time... gain more confidence in this new season in my life and continue to strive to gain peace along this journey of pursing Purpose.  


I'm posting this today, not to complain about being small because I know NOBODY wants to hear that... but to simply be accountable. I know if I post about how I want to get stronger and gain muscle, I'll be more likely to make it a point to continue to balance motherhood and my workouts, along with all the other things I have going on... Working out is therapeutic for me and I didn't realize how much I missed it and needed it until yesterday. So I have to say thank you for my husband, my forever workout partner, even if it’s through text while he watches the baby (lol) for encouraging me to take time for me. And I also want to say, just because a person is skinny, doesn't mean they are healthy or happy. We all just have to work with what we have and not be so hard on ourselves and each other . . .

Everybody always posts the before & after pics for #TransformationTuesday, but today I've decided to put up a post dedicated to the process.

It's not always easy, but I'm #Ready

Good Grief



I took some time offline to start the healing process, but I think I’m ready to start posting again...

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I lost my mother to breast cancer in August last year. I didn’t take the time to mourn in a healthy manner because I had to give birth to my son a couple of months after she passed away, in October. The year mark of my mother’s passing really sparked a lot in me. Made me really realize how hurt I truly was and how I had been holding things back because I wanted to be present with the joy of having my son and not deal with the pain of such a tremendous loss.

It was effecting my creativity and I just felt uninspired. This new chapter in my life is allowing me to take time to think about what really matters in life. It’s so easy to get caught up in things that, at the end of the day, really don’t matter. Especially when you're living in LA. But over the last couple of months, In my most broken moments, I was able to really think about my life, my family and what truly matters. It has led me to make some big decisions and go through incredibly challenging lengths to pursue peace and live in purpose. And I'm happy I've decided to walk along a path that positions me to take better care of myself and my family.

I know my lack of engagement on social media over the past few months has caused some to lose interest, but I’m thankful for those who stand by me through it all. If I’m going to be on social media, I want it to make an impact on people in an uplifting way. I look forward to connecting in a much more authentic way and start rebuilding.

I’m Ready.

#WorldMentalHealthDay #SelfCare #GoodGrief

1 Year. 1 Bond.

On 8/29/2016, one year ago today, my mom passed away....

But I'm convinced she's still here. 

I feel her spirit daily. I see her in my son's smile. I hear her in my voice. I feel her when my brothers are around me.... the list goes on and on.

On days like today you never really know what to expect. The greatest feeling I've felt today is thankfulness... I'm so thankful that this year has brought me and my brothers closer than we've ever been. One thing my mom always expressed is that she wanted her kids to get along and love each other. Well mom, that's what we've been doing. 

When my mom passed away, I was 8 months pregnant and my brothers were so concerned about me. My brothers and their beautiful loves, have traveled thousands of miles, on several occasions to see me, check on me and love on my little family. I know my mom is proud of us. We've had to grow up a lot over the past year. Not being able to call our mom three times a day for every little thing has been hard, but we've been leaning on each other through the grief and the growing pains and our bond is unbreakable. 

We miss our mom more than we could ever express but we are doing our best to take things one moment, one step at a time...

We love you Ma! When we shine, you shine.