What 2017 Taught Me

This year has been full of ups and downs for me. As I take a moment to reflect on everything that has taken place in 2017, I'm really proud of the strength I was able to gather and thankful for the lessons I've learned through it all...

I went to great lengths to seek peace and pursue purpose this year. When I lost my mom in 2016, there were so many goals I made for myself for 2017 and although I have plenty more things to work on, I learned so much in these 365 days. 

2017 was a year that taught me how to listen to my heart, and I faced the fact that my heart was broken and needed a chance to heal. When my mother passed away, I was 8 months pregnant and was unable to mourn in a healthy manner, I didn't allow myself time to grieve. This fall, after the year mark of my mother's passing, I decided I needed to take some time to seek peace with all that had taken place and that pursuit led me home. During this season of my life, I've been able to find incredible inspiration. Being around my family and the city I love the most, has energized my soul and has allowed me to learn more about who I truly am and see pieces of my purpose much more clearer. Although the scar from losing my mother will never fade away, my heart is becoming whole again and everything seems to be falling into place for my purpose as a human being, as a wife, as a mother, as an artist and everything in between.   

2017, your lessons weren't always easy but they made me better. And for that, I am thankful. 

2018, I'm Ready.