No Pressure... just Purpose


I haven't posted much this month, I've been navigating through A LOT of emotions!!! I visited Kansas City (my home town) during my mother's birthday week. I had my first performance there without having her in the crowd and the weeks leading up to that was way more difficult than I imagined. But I made it through it all.

Being home... in Kansas City... feeling the warmth from my family is always something I cherish. Seeing my aunts, uncles and cousins play with Kendrix and how happy my son is with his family (even at 9 months old) just gives me a sweet peace and makes me feel closer to my mom and my grandmother.

I was up early this morning thinking about my two beautiful guiding lights...

I have a lot of big decisions to make within the next couple of weeks and I'm trying to think of what I believe they would say to me... what they would want me to do... and what would be best for me and my family. My mother and grandmother sacrificed SO much for their children and now that I'm a mother I respect their dedication to motherhood more than ever. Although the mourning process has not been easy on me this month, I'm shifting my thought process to a positive place of peace and determination to continue on the path of living a life full of legendary love (that lasts for generations to come) and positive energy.

My grandmother and mother were women of faith, integrity and compassion... there's no pressure for me to live up to what they were able to do with their years on earth because it's already in me. I get it honest and I embrace it as Purpose. I embrace it as a Gift. And I'm going to shine bright,  just as they did, in my own way. The legacy continues...

When I shine, it's a reflection of them ✨