I've Grown. I'm Grown.


"It’s been a long road | Been at it 7/24 | People think they know but they don’t even have a clue…”Lyrics from my new song..

It has been a long road and the older I get, the more thankful and appreciative I am for this journey. The roads might not always be enjoyable but they have helped me grow. I had to grow up A LOT over the past 5 years, especially this last year and it all led me to this place I’m at right now…

It’s been so long since I’ve dropped new music but I’m thankful that the wait is finally over. When life comes at you fast, the time goes by even faster. But I’m stronger, I’m wiser and I’m ready to share like I’ve never shared before. 

I hope you all are Ready, because I am! 

Stay tuned…