Some people think kids make you put your dreams on hold, but he's making all my dreams come true. ⁣

My son makes me go harder, makes me focus more, makes me a better me. ALL AROUND. ⁣

I would have never imagined this journey of parenthood, at this point in my life, would make me do the work to be better, live better and want to truly live out my purpose. His existence has made me look at everything in a completely different lens. ⁣

To be honest, I was scared to be a mom. A: because I had an amazing, strong mom B: because my first job was being a nanny + all I saw was screaming kids in Target and it terrified me LOL ⁣

But God has blessed me with a child JUST like his Daddy. He's cool & chill 90% of the time 10% of the time, he remembers there's a thing called Turnt Up Twos (not terrible twos) and he tests the waters LOL And it's hilarious to see him explore boundaries! ⁣

With all the unpredictability and beauty this journey as a mother has taken me on, I am BEYOND thankful. Having my baby sitting in my lap, playing in the sand, listening to the ocean brought me to tears this weekend. I've been through a lot in the last three years. And I'm just thankful to be here. And I'm thankful to have Kendrix and Kenny. ⁣

It's hard work, but it's the best work. And it leads me to do even greater work. ⁣

Hope this encourages someone today thinking about parenthood, dreaming big and working hard to reach your goals, whatever they may be!