Got My Mojo Back!

This week I finally felt mentally sound enough to get back in the studio!!! Its been a LONG time coming...⁣

As many of you know, I’ve struggled to create music since my mom passed. I honestly got really scared wondering if I would ever be able to feel happy and passionate about singing, writing, recording, performing, etc. again. But every single time I even thought about if I would be able to make more music, I would get a “random” message/comment from someone saying how one of my songs helped them get through their day or how a song still meant so much to them 💛 ⁣

When I started this studio session this week. I cried and was just SO THANKFUL to not feel weighed down with pain and sorrow and just be happy and free to create. ⁣

Sometimes when we’re weighed down with pain and sorrow, we don’t even realize how heavy the load is. We forget how amazing it feels to be free and happy. I didn’t even know how much I was carrying. I was not myself. I went through a lot and those close to me were really worried and didn’t know how to help. The truth is, they couldn’t. ⁣

It was up to me to find a way to let it go, get to where I needed to be, seek help, get the counseling / therapy I needed, move, etc. ⁣

If you’re in a low place, you’ll find the strength you need to climb up out of it. It’ll take a lot work, a lot of effort, some divine connections and occurrences, but IT IS POSSIBLE to be happy again. And I’m LIVING proof of it! ⁣

I love y’all! And can’t wait to share some music to help keep you motivated and uplifting along your path. It’s coming. I got y’all! We are in this thing together!!!! ⁣