I Chose Joy


Sometimes the biggest, scariest leap of faith can land you right in middle of the greatest joy ✨ ⁣

When we decided to move back to LA I felt peace. But I still had those butterflies in my stomach and we had SO many things to take care of to make it a reality. I was still a little scared, but @kenny_jackson and I were sure we had unfinished business here in LA and that LA was where we needed to be. It took a lot of hard work, a ton of strategic moves and a whole lot of of faith to believe everything would be okay and fall into place. I am so proud of us for following that gut feeling and just doing it! ⁣

We focused on us, muted out the noise and ALL THE QUESTIONS flooding in from those who knew we were moving and just did what we believed was best for US. ⁣
And I'm so thankful that we did. ⁣

We've been here for a couple of months now and I know we made the right move. I feel so energized and thankful. I find myself being more present, more mindful, more aware and just smiling a whole lot more than I have in a LONG time. I've missed feeling genuine joy. I almost forgot what it felt like to just be in a good head space in the midst of the daily things that happen in life (because trust, there's plenty going on in our world) and I'm just THANKFUL. ⁣

We deserved the space to TRY and I hope many others realize they deserve that space as well! ⁣

Sending big smiles and positive vibes to all those who are in a season in their lives that call for big decision making and just trying to figure things out... I hope you are able to navigate to a space that allows you to explore, TRY, live & learn and find true joy, purpose and fulfillment. ⁣

Love Y'all 💛