Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s the last day of #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth ✨ I’ve spent A LOT of time on this couch...⁣

SO many tears, so many deep rooted things discussed... I never knew how much certain family relationships and moments from my childhood would impact my grieving process. ⁣

When I started Grief Counseling I thought I was just going to talk about things between me and my mother but I was WRONG. I had to navigate through SO much more.⁣

I was never embarrassed about seeking help, instead I felt empowered and proud of myself for doing something for ME. I’m always doing throngs for others trying to make sure everybody else is straight and I had to return the favor to myself! ⁣

I’ve always pictured myself on a path, trying to navigate alone with all the thoughts that go on in my creative, ambitious mind. But it was SO nice to have someone join me, unbiased and hold my hand, for these last couple of months, to help me get to a new mental space safely. It was like being on a deserted island alone and then the kindest person joins you to help you get to a safe space! That’s what seeking professional help did for me! ⁣

I’m am forever thankful for @GildasClubKC and my amazing Grief Counselor for helping me understand ME a lot more.⁣

I encourage anyone that may be feeling like you’re going through tough times alone, to find a professional to talk to IF you’re ready and willing to do the work. And if you think it’s too expensive or money is what’s getting in the way from you getting help, there are FREE programs that offer counseling, you just have to find them. Use google and find non profits that offer counseling. You’ll be surprised how many programs there are! ⁣

I know how it is to feel consumed with your inner most thoughts even when you’re surrounded my loving family or friends. It’s a tough place to be and it can weigh you down without you even realizing it. I hope we all can find a way to navigate through this life purposefully with a sound mind, body and soul. You are worth the work! You are the only you, you get! So thank care of yourself my dear friends 💛 I love y’all! ⁣