My Marathon 🏁

2019-04-18 18.47.43.JPG

I've been reflecting a lot over the past couple of weeks, thinking about my path, my marathon, my journey...⁣

The past couple of years have been a shifting season for me in a lot of ways. And I have to admit, I got really overwhelmed. ⁣

I saw the beautiful impact that Ermias Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle made on the world, during his short time here and it really jolted me. I've been so numb, so disconnected, trying so hard, yet so lost. Lost in Loss. Stuck in Sorrow. Functioning while in a Funk. I went way out of my way to navigate through my grief on my own, but it got too heavy to carry. I haven't been able create music like I've always been able to, it's been like a block in my creative space that's been too heavy for me to remove on my own. So I decided to get some help. Help from someone who was an expert in this type of heavy lifting.⁣

I've been in grief counseling for about 4 weeks now and it's been helping me navigate through the losses I've experienced in my life, specifically the loss of my mother. I'm right in the middle of my counseling sessions and every week I've been getting random messages and comments from people telling me how one of my songs is helping them get through tough times. I'm receiving that as a sign. I know my gifts are important and are needed and it's time to get up and get on a good pace again. It's okay to stumble, it's okay to get tired, it's okay if I fall, but I have to get back up and take one step at a time, I'm here for a reason and so are you! ⁣

I wanted to take the time to encourage those who might be able to connect with me along this journey and let you know that if you never hear it from anybody else that you are important. The gifts and the ideas that you have stirring inside of you are there for a reason. You are needed. You are important. And we need you along this race, this journey, this path. We all have our own ways of navigating our lives but please know that if you ever need someone to walk with you, you are not alone! That's the beauty of social media. Hit me up! I'm here.

Sending love and hugs to anyone who needs one today⁣
#TheMarathonContinues 🏁⁣