Sada K. 


Dear You,

I'm a recording artist and a creative influencer across social media platforms, television and radio. I have had the pleasure of building a brand that has an authentic connection with an audience that longs for hope and inspiration. I’ve built this brand simply by sharing my story. I released an album, independently, entitled Long Story Short in 2015. This set the tone for a brand that would expand beyond the music and begin to form into a lifestyle brand reaching people through social media, television and radio. I have been able to share and expand my reach through hosting on the Juce TV Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network and Dash Radio. With hard work and dedication, my social media platforms have gained over 65K followers combined. As I continue to gain exposure and connections worldwide, it is my desire to expand my reach by building an inspirational lifestyle brand with books, speaking engagements and touring with new music to continue to inspire people through my story and life lessons.

The goal is to encourage people to seek peace and find purpose along their journey in life. There are so many people trying to balance the weight of the world and they are in desperate need of encouragement and compassion. By touring and spreading love, my hope is to create a spark in the hearts of those who will listen, so that they can shine bright, spread positive energy and live a fulfilling life.